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Talk to GPT, Play Games, Practice language skills, Learn stuff.

Ad-Free GPT on Android

What is Ad-Free AI Chat

Ad-Free AI Chat is an Android app avaialble in the Play Store.

  • No awful ads
  • No Subscription
  • Free to download

In App purchases - pay as you go. You only pay for the credits that you use.


  • Games:
    Dungeons and Dragons, Hunt the Wumpus.
  • Education:
    Language tutor, Math tutor, Simplify a Complex Topic.
  • Research and Documents:
    Compose a letter. Write a thank you now. Share to your email.


  • Voice Chat:
    Talk to the AI and have it talk back.
  • Easy to use:
    Simple interface that handles complex topics.
  • Full Control:
    Stop verbose chat by tapping on the screen.


  • Affordable:
    No subscription or ongoing cost. Pay for only the chat you use.
  • Transparent:
    Your usage is shown with every dialog. You see which commands cost more.
  • Cheap:
    Low pricing on credit purchases. $10 will buy you days of chat.


  • Create your own Commands:
    Automate tasks, then run the task with just one tap.
  • Use with Android Auto:
    Create letters in your car, then transsfer them to your email.
  • Flexible:
    Works with ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 3.5 and Google Gemini Pro.